From A Team To A “GIANT”

February 1979, eleven years and eight days after Asquith Rugby League Club Ltd was established from Asquith Sports Club, work began on the licensed premises. For the group of 30 jubilant people, champagne in hand, that stood on the vacant lot at the pre-commencement ceremony on 22 February 1979, it was the end of over a decade of hard work and twists and turns and the beginning of a vision about to be realised. Asquith Rugby League Club was to be built in four stages at a cost of almost $700,000. A single-storey building containing a dining room, auditorium and bar was to be completed by August 1979. The Official Opening, with guest of honour, Mr Kevin Humphries, President of the NSWRL & Australian Rugby League, took place on November 16, 1979. Licensed trading had commenced a month prior. Right up to the doors being open for the first time, workers were still laying the carpet! Architectural foresight had seen that the original building could be expanded to six times this original size with the concrete structure designed to support two upper levels. This foresight allowed the 1998, $8.5 million renovation of the present day club premises. Extract from the 50 year Commemorative Book “Where the Stars Meet Under the Stars” by Adam Hawse.

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Graham ‘Grubber’ Jordison

When you talk about Asquith Rugby League history you must include Graham ‘Grubber’ Jordison. Grubber was there right from the very beginning. In 1949 a group of close mates, Grubber included, were having a few quite ales and talking football in Hornsby’s Railway Hotel. An event happened that session that was the catalysis to the eventual formation of The Asquith Football team ‘The Mighty Magpies’…. A challenge to the drinkers of the Railway Hotel to a game of footy! Grubber played in all the social games against any team that would take them on as a lead up to their inclusion in the 1952 North Sydney Junior Rugby League Competition. Grubber hosted the first ‘ How to get in’ meeting in his family’s home and played in that very first Asquith Magpie Team. The fact is as you look back in all the recorded history of the Club Graham ‘Grubber’ Jordison’s name will be there either as an official, committee member, club representative, mentor, motivational speaker, award presenter or on roster to sell the tickets for the Thursday night Football raffle. Sadly, Grubber past away on 1 June 2009. He will always be in the player’s hearts every game they play. They will be “Doing it for Grubber!”

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