Uber for Members

We’re excited to be partnering with Uber and offering Members $5 towards your fare when you’re travelling to or from Magpies Waitara on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 4pm till close.

Commences Monday 24th February 2020

Uber for Members Sign Up

*Please note that by completing this form, you’re accepting that Magpies Waitara will be providing your name and email address to Uber for the purpose of Uber emailing you an invitation to join the Magpies Waitara Uber business account. Please allow up to 72 hours for your Magpies Waitara Uber service to be activated.

Things to remember

  • This service is for current financial Members of Magpies Waitara and for trips to and from our premises only.
  • You’ll need a smart phone capable of running the Uber app and must have an Uber account.
  • Register your interest by completing our Member’s form and accept email invitation from Uber to join our Uber business account
  • The member is responsible to pay the fare less the $5 contribution provided from Magpies Waitara.
  • There is a daily allowance of two trips per day and the service operates from 4pm up until the Club’s close of trade.
  • Any Members found to be not using this service in the correct manner, will have their invitation to use this service reviewed.

Request a ride

  1. Open Uber app, type in your Destination (either Magpies Waitara 11-37 Alexandria Parade, Waitara or your home address)
  2. Click on Find Ride
  3. Change the payment method in settings from Personal to Magpies Waitara to ensure your $5 voucher is redeemable.
  4. Select Confirm and your ride will be on its way. The app will automatically charge the first $5 of your trip to Magpies Waitara with the remaining balance charged to your personal account.

Any more questions? Please don’t hesitate to speak to our Reception staff.